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December 18 2017

"Wir sind umgezogen."
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December 03 2017



Photos That look Like Renaissance Paintings

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four men, one smoking - Dimitri Staszewski

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brawling ukrainian politicians - Valentyn Ogirenko  

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man painting with cat in foreground  - Reddit user Ktai_Arterion

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 ted cruz Jason Reed

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man lying in busy street - Joel Goodman

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laughing man framed by grimy window - Leo Berne

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woman baking in sunlight - Bas Uterwijk

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bickering traders on a red couch - Adam Grey

sorry I left the tumblr tracking in, I'm tired...

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November 20 2017

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November 19 2017

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November 16 2017

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The Upside Down
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Naprawdę jestem na bieżąco...
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November 10 2017

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The Best ATM Withdrawal Defense

I’m here for women with powerful dogs!

My land lady is a 90lb 88 year old woman with 5 full grown Rottweiler boys. They sit around her when she gardens and watch her like the secret service. If you show up to pay rent they all stand up and stand between you and her.

It’s intimidating to have 5 pony size boys all staring at you until she stands up realizes it’a you and walks to you.

My favorite part is she wades through them like swamp water saying in her cute old voice ‘move’ ‘move please’ and each one she nudges to move wags his whole body at her touch and stumbles out of the way like he’s been knocked over by a truck. It gives me life paying my rent.

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